'Sunflower' Short Overalls
$69.00 Regular price $99.00

You are my Sunshine

Twinning with your friends is all the rage!

Pretty in Pink

Make a statement with your mini!
'Sand' Shirt Dress
$89.00 Regular price $129.00

Kick up your heels

Shoes are optional
'Steel Grey' Short Overalls
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100% Linen

Treat yourself and the environment
'Musk Shirred' Crop Top
'Sunflowers' Peplum Top
$29.00 Regular price $39.00
'Sand' Unisex Curved Shorts
$29.00 Regular price $39.00
'Sand Sunshine' Singlet
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'Alfie' Dress Shirt
$39.00 Regular price $49.00
'Alfie' Unisex Curved Shorts
$29.00 Regular price $39.00
'Alfie' Headwrap
$8.00 Regular price $12.00
'Alfie' Drop Waist Dress
$39.00 Regular price $54.00

Dukes and Duchesses Apparel

We're fun and vintage inspired. We use natural fabrics and signature colourful prints.
Our classic styles are timeless and are intended to be passed down from sibling to sibling.

'Sunflowers' Ruffle Overalls
$39.00 Regular price $59.00

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